Tips for keeping a pet-friendly home clean and odor-free

A pet will fill your home with love, but it will also fill your house with fur, odors and a lot of mess.

Many owners are well aware of the nice companionship that their pets provide. However, they might also be aware of the unpleasant odors that go with those pets as well! Whether those odors will be the result of a dog that has just come in from playing outside, or a fresh puppy that is house training, they can certainly be overwhelming to eliminate. Since kids and pets tend to share the same space on the floor, it is rather important to get rid of odors from pet accidents. It can even be quite unpleasant for guests in the home whenever your home smells like pets or pet urine.

Sometimes, the ultimate way to solve an issue is to repair it before it starts. While urine and pet soil can simply cause a distressing odor, so can an unclean pet. Properly bathing and grooming your dog can help avoid the odors from being so strong. Be sure you are employing soaps and shampoos that are designed to eliminate odors. Also, ensure that your pet is totally dry before permitting them to lie on the carpet. Routine brushing and grooming will also help remove unwanted hair and prevent it from accumulating in corners and on furniture. Proper house training is also very important in assisting to prevent these pet odors from occurring.

Once an accident has happened, it is imperative which it be cleaned up at the earliest opportunity. The longer a soiled area is left unattended, the more challenging it becomes to eliminate the stain and odor. If a urine stain continues to be wet, it’s important to absorb as much of the urine as is feasible. After the urine has dried, it becomes much harder to eliminate the odor. The area should be thoroughly cleaned before and can dry.

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Despite many of these useful tips, there comes a period when the stain and odor becomes too difficult to manage with over the counter remedies. Then it could be useful to contact the experts. Professional carpet cleaning services such as Chem-Dry have special products and machinery that can tackle these tough stains and odors.