There’s no doubt that digital has opened new areas and opportunities for marketing experts worldwide. This does not mean that simply having a presence on digital platforms is enough for your brand. Your digital marketing efforts online have to be unique and represent your brand goals as much as possible.

Here are some unique digital marketing efforts that you can implement for your brand.

1.    Try guest blogging

Content is one of the biggest marketing opportunities for brands nowadays. If your marketing strategy doesn’t involve churning out well-structured and relevant content, you might be going down the wrong road.

Guest blogging is submitting or accepting guest blogs that are published on websites. This is a way to create helpful and informational content while at the same time marketing your brand with a backlink. It is a perfect opportunity to engage with competitors and other brands to create valuable blogs.

With increasing online reach, people are hungrier and hungrier for good content that can solve problems. For your brand, engaging with brands that align with your field will help you reach the right audience.

Guest blogs are beneficial for both parties – the websites that are accepting websites and the websites that are submitting the blog. For ones who are accepting the guest blog, it ensures good content is published on their website. Websites that are submitting blogs get an additional marketing opportunity to increase reach.

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2.    Keep your content fresh

You might have created some awesome blogs or posts in the past that were relevant for that period, but did you ever go back to them? Do not post and forget about your content, go back to it and update it with the freshest information.

For instance, if your business had posted a trend report of the most loved electronics in a particular year, go back to it and repost it with the current years’ scenario. You can even compare both the trends and educate your users about the changes in trends. In this way, you can repurpose your old forgotten content and churn out something valuable.

Likewise, it is a good idea to hop onto the trend train as quickly as possible and come up with the content on trending topics.

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3.    Develop a free course

We know that people are always looking for good information for their problems. This is where you get a chance to earn their loyalty and help them. By creating a free email or video course, you consumers will want to listen to you.

A free course also ensures regular consumer engagement and marketing opportunities. It also means a good brand reputation and customer loyalty.

For example, a dairy business can come with courses on exotic cheese types, recipes involving dairy, and running a dairy business efficiently.

4.    Local SEO to the rescue

Local SEO is optimizing your website for the local target audience. This means tapping into local queries and making your business visible for local searches.

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Search engines distinguish your website relevant for local queries with the help of local SEO. For instance, if you are a local or small brand, you can skip the competition of large-scale brands with local optimization techniques.

Imagine the potential that is neglected by avoiding local content, keywords, or phrases that can be used to reach consumers within your geographic limit.

Similarly, you can use techniques like Google My Business, mobile optimization, optimizing meta descriptions and headlines to target the benefits brought by local SEO.

Do not forget about the importance of customer reviews and references. Always ask for important customer reviews and feedbacks and work on critical customer suggestions.

5.    Optimize user experience

User experience is considered to be one of the most vital chunks of a good digital marketing strategy. It is no surprise that Google prefers to boost websites with excellent UX designs. Google takes user experience very seriously, which explains why Google likes to come up with regular updates to help the users answer their queries quickly and efficiently.

Stay updated with fresh UX trends in your industry and apply them to your website. More importantly, your website needs to be easily navigable, free of clutter, and provide the information that the customer is ex[ecting quickly.

UX is also important for your website’s SEO strategy and customer satisfaction. Any marketer knows that SEO and customer satisfaction can make or break your digital presence easily. To put it simply, keep updating your digital accounts and website regularly and focus on UX along with marketing techniques.

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