Health Benefits That Come With Professionally Grooming

If you’re one of the 46.3 million households that own a dog or the 39.9 million that own a cat, you probably already know the value of brushing your dog regularly. Especially of these summertime, grooming is a preventative strike against shedding. However, professional grooming won’t just help your carpets, but actually has even more benefits for your pet’s health.

Grooming your pet at home can help build a relationship with your furry friend, but it is critical to understand that you may well not have the same resources and knowledge a professional pet groomer does. So before you remove the clippers, here are five benefits that include professional Dog Grooming for dogs.

Healthy Skin and Coat

Professional pet grooming involves using dog-specific shampoos that are designed to keep their skin and coat healthy. The procedure of scrubbing, blow drying, and brushing removes dead skin and unwanted hair, allowing a dog’s skin to breathe and continue to produce new, healthy hair.

Fresh Smelling

Contrary to belief, dogs shouldn’t smell bad. The “dog” smell that many people are very much accustomed to is usually just the result of a dirty or not properly groomed dog. Dogs don’t enjoy smelling bad any longer than you do, so make sure a specialist groomer is attempting to keep carefully the dog smell out of your property as well as your dog’s hair. The result is a happier pooch and a happier home.

Reduced Shedding

Every clump of hair that comes out in the groomer’s brush is a clump of hair that wont conclude on your couch. A lot of excess hair is removed in the blow drying and brushing phases of grooming, this means less hair around your home and on your furniture.

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Preventative Care

Like humans, dogs have ailments that can sometimes be spotted by physical examination. A groomer might be able to pick up on skin issues or even an interior issue if something doesn’t feel right on your dog’s skin. Professional grooming is merely as much an integral part of pet healthcare as visits to the vet.

No Mats!

If your pet has a fine or curly coat, it is important to look for mats, that are tangled balls of fur that can pull on your pet’s skin and cause discomfort and pain. As time passes, these mats can change into sores or hiding spots for ticks and fleas. Quality veterinary care will recommend regular grooming to avoid this.

Just like every pet owner has a responsibility to adopt their dog for walks every day, they have a responsibility to maintain with regular grooming. Remember: pet healthcare is more than merely scheduling regular veterinary visits!